Alarm Receiving Centre

In 2009 Safe Shores Monitoring invested £1.5 million in a state of the art 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) based in Argyll, Scotland. The ARC (pictured) was constructed using the latest environmentally friendly materials and technology, and it is styled to blend discreetly into its natural surroundings.

The ARC is a resilient high-security facility which has been certified both BS8484 and BS5979 CAT2. Its service supports and responds to new digital sensor technologies and combined with our highly trained operators provides expert assistance for those in danger.


The ARC uses highly trained and experienced personnel, hand picked based on their exceptional skills and technical expertise. They are then positively vetted in accordance with BS7858 and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, which encompasses a 10-year background check, 12-month specialist training course, ensuring that your employees are in the safest of hands.

The building design, infrastructure and services have been awarded the prestigious “Secured by Design” standard by National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC).

The ARC is the most experienced provider of lone worker monitoring services within the UK and is designed to:

  • Provides a UK-wide emergency response service which bypasses the public 999 system.
  • Provide a team of highly trained operators, working around the clock, and dedicated to managing your Lone Worker safety
  • Provide continuous support in managing their day-to-day risk levels
  • Respond to welfare and SOS alarms and take immediate action in the event of any incident or emergency
  • Respond immediately and LIVE to all inbound calls (no use of auto-answer and playback recordings)
  • Gather and record evidence for major incidents
  • Provide professional witness statements in the event of civil or criminal prosecutions
  • Resolve the majority of end user issues at the first point of contact
  • Provide valuable feedback to improve your safe system of work

Our Services

Lone Worker

SOLO is the safest lone worker solution. Powered by our unique platform and purpose built Alarm Receiving Centre, it can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation. Big or Small.

 Crime Prevention

Viper is a rapid response service which combines unique monitoring with our state of the Art Alarm Receiving Centre in order to protect those most at risk in our society.


ARC 24 is an outsourced alarm receiving centre which monitors personnel, property and assets which utilise our  BS5979 Cat 2 Alarm Receiving Centre.

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