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Not every lone worker device is built the same, we are confident in the quality of our products and services. Commit to try before you buy before 28/02/2019 to receive up to one year’s free lone worker service.

Chaperone is our lightweight and discreet GPS enabled device with an impressive battery performance. For maximum resilience it is paired with our roaming SIM which overcomes poor signal areas by connecting to any available UK mobile network.

The Chaperone package includes our standard features as well as options including a highly configurable Man-Down feature and advanced location services, and regular location reports.

Flexible and lightweight (49g) format means it can be worn on a lanyard, or attached to your keyring.

  • Ideal for lone workers in areas of poor signal strength
  • large SOS button suitable for easy activation
  • Advanced location features
  • IP67 Water, dust and impact resistant features mean it is designed specifically to withstand day to day life
  • 200 Hour plus battery life.


The End User can summon immediate assistance from responders by activating the designated SOS fast-dial button, or by sending an SMS from their device at any time.


Archangel® is a secure cloud-based platform which:
Enables customers to manage end user profiles via a web portal
Provides comprehensive end-user activity and system performance reports
Provides access to first responder alarm management.


The End User can CLOCK ON using a designated fast-dial button or via sms (text message).This indicates the start of a full working period. Users ‘CLOCK OFF’ when they have safely completed their working period.


The TAG operates independently of the CLOCK function. It is a record of an activity that poses a higher personal risk over a short time frame. EG a new customer visit; a task within a confined space; a visit with historic risk.


Advanced location services provide more accurate location data using a combination of GPS, Wifi and CELLID. The data provided is accurate within meters and can be stored to create 30-day reports.


This is a check-safe function followed at the end of the Welfare Timer period for both CLOCK and TAG functions. If end users fail to communicate with administrators at the end of an allotted period of time then a welfare message is sent after an agreed grace period. Once lapsed, a series of messages will be sent to encourage the user to contact their first responder before an alarm is raised.


TRACER is an advanced location service available for Smartphones and GPS devices.
TRACER is used to find current device location ‘on-demand’, and it is used to store, manipulate and view the reported End User’s device location data which remains in place for up to 90 days.


ARC24 is an optional Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) service.
This can be used to manage and respond to all welfare alarms and SOS situations. The ARC operates 24 hours, 365 days and is certified to BS8484 and BS5979 CAT2 and has direct communication links with all UK police and emergency services.

Man Down

Man-Down has been developed to detect impact or falls in the workplace, then sends an appropriate alert to a nominated first responder.

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