VIPER: Personal Protection

This is a customised confidential and anonymised service. To safeguard the safety and security of our service users, we are unable to show visuals of the technology being used by current end users. For a more detailed confidential discussion of your needs, please contact us.

How it works

VIPER is a proactive monitoring service which helps to safeguard private individuals who find themselves exposed to personal safety risks as a result of the criminal activities of others. VIPER enables you to go about your normal routine secure in the knowledge that help is close at hand and you can summon assistance – anytime, anywhere.

Designed to protect those at risk of targeted attacks including:
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Stalking and ongoing harassment
  • Hate Crime
  • Kidnap
  • Honour Crimes 
  • Etc..

What's Included

Services include discreet SOS devices, smartphone Apps and a UK based BS5979 CAT2 certified alarm receiving centre.

A secure administration portal provides those with a duty of care with confidential access to end-user profiles and risk control options for designated first responders.

VIPER personal alarm service has been developed over many years through close working relationships with Police Scotland, Greater Manchester Police, Devon and Cornwall Police and support agencies engaged in domestic violence and stalking. 

Viper services enable end-users to:

  • Use a range of products or services
  • Summon immediate help from emergency services
  • Connect with a live and experienced operator
  • Record all audio
  • Create an incident log to build a case of evidence
  • Use location to Geo-tag incidents

VIPER is a personal alarm service which combines discreet technologies with resilient monitoring services to protect those at risk of targeted crime.

Our service aids Police, security and support agencies to deliver effective target hardening, improve communication and evidence gathering.

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